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Nora Maccoby is a multimedia artist working to bridge esoteric knowledge with function through art. Her paintings, using pencil, pigment, and all organic oils, are coded for multi-layering effect, and are the architectural plans for what become experiences of interactive light and color feedback. Thus, a channel of communication between abstraction and reality marries ancient text with secret black operations projects, transcendence beyond duality, and advanced energy technologies of frequency, resonance and the zero point. The objective is to marry non-sharpness with a universal language, to trigger the viewers’ perceptual parameters; to merge the abstract and figurative, questioning contemporary visualization practice and drawing the viewers into an immersive, intense visual aesthetics to address the subjective experience of forms made by natural forces. After many years developing a moral philosophy, process, and technique, Nora’s work has recently become sought after and exhibited at the Palazzo Ca’Zanardi Anima Mundi exhibit in partnership with the Venice Biennale 2017, and with NOIRFLUX, at the Smithsonian Museum. She recently won the Leonardo da Vinci “The Universal Artist” award in Florence, Italy, presented at the Borghese Palace by Art International Contemporary Magazine.

Nora was born in Mexico, but is a DC native, Sidwell Friends graduate, Oberlin College BA, American Film Institute MFA. She is the daughter, sister, granddaughter, great-granddaughter and now mother, of several generations of fine artists, and has spent the last 30 years drawing and painting as a vehicle for her esoteric research. As a screenwriter, she has had two feature films produced, Bongwater (Jack Black, Luke Wilson) and Buffalo Soldiers (Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Anna Paquin), which won The Evening Standard award for best screenplay 2003. As a pro-active environmentalist, she has been in DC since 2004, creating avenues for clean energy transition in the Department of Defense, and 29 government agencies via The Energy Conversation.

Responsive Art and VR statement

New technology allows greater possibilities for understanding time, space, matter, and light. I see the work of drawing and painting in oils to be the architecture in a technique of enhanced perceptual interactivity that enables new worlds of a point of view.

In collaboration with NOIRFLUX (www.noirflux.com), whose medium is interaction itself, realized through novel technology implementation responsive to human behavior and environmental sensing, my work in theater, film, technology, fine arts, and moral philosophy have a vehicle for articulating the new realms where science and the divine meet in the evolution of earthlings.

Responsive Painting (or Interactive Painting):

The Architecture of Transition – liquid imagery

An experience of interaction with light, color, form, through a journey of dimension, shape, nature, and oil mixing with water, air, earth, and space.

by Nora Maccoby and NOIRFLUX

Price for entire system: on request

Virtual Reality:

Interdimensional Travel – VR modeling for light sculpture installation

of The Architecture of Transition

The paintings become multi-dimensional light sculptures you can walk in and out of/interact.

by Nora Maccoby and NOIRFLUX

Price: on request

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