Nora Maccoby, artist, deep state, metaphysics, painter, time travel, woman


Nora Maccoby is a contemporary artist working with narratives, paint, theater, film, video, philosophy, and technology. In her 30 years of research, in the drawings and paintings of architectural reference, in her feature film writing (Bongwater, Buffalo Soldiers), and as a clean energy leader crossing realms, Nora has used art as intentional conceptual activism in the journey to uncover the truths of invisible worlds, the world power structure, and following through on the question about the ability of art forms to transcend the boundaries of ruling paradigms. Nora’s oil paintings are internationally collected, as mandalas as well as interdimensional portals for transformation, transcendence, healing and intentional process. In her  responsive art technology in collaboration with NOIRFLUX, Nora has been developing 3D interactive light sculptures and liquid immersion created from her paintings. 

Nora is a fourth generation artist. She was born in Mexico, grew up in Washington DC where she graduated from the Sidwell Friends School. She received her BA in Theater and Government from Oberlin College , and an MFA from The American Film Institute in Directing. Working between painting, film, and philosophy, in 1991, Nora began an investigation into theories, representations, concepts, and states of time travel. In 1996, she started the IDT, Interdimensional Art Collective, in Los Angeles, California. Her thesis film, Dropping the Bomb on My Street, was the winner of the Leopard of the Future award at Locarno. She was co-writer of Bongwater (Jack Black, Andy Dick, Luke Wilson) and Buffalo Soldiers (Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Anna Paquin), nominated for 6 Independent Spirit Awards and winner of The Evening Standard Award for Best Screenplay of 2003.

Nora’s focus on activism as conceptual art led her to, in 2004, creating Nature’s Partners, a bipartisan clean energy movement in Washington DC. Since that time, she has worked with the First Nations, the U.S. Department of Defense, The International Fund for China’s Environment, in partnership with the World Bank, IMF, and advanced energy technology innovators, collaborating to solve environmental challenges with clean energy transition innovations through dialogue and conversation. She served on the Power Surety Task Force (OSD) and as Senior Communications Specialist for The Energy Conversation, initiated through The Office of Force Transformation in 2006. Her book, The Energy Conversation: The First 3 Years, was published by the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) in 2009.

Nora’s work has been featured in 2017 in LandEscape Art Review, ItsLiquid Art, at the Corcoran Museum in 2011 and 2012, in Venice during the 2017 Biennale; at the Smithsonian Arts and Industries Museum in December 2017 with NOIRFLUX for the living installation, Surfing Stardust: Destination Earth, and in January 2018, she was awarded the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy, by Art International Contemporary. She recently exhibited her Renaissance Time Traveler series at the Temple University Gallery in Rome, and her show “Identity Cartography: Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy” was on exhibit at the Woman’s National Democratic Club Museum from September 6 –  November 27, 2018.