Art4US / Art for New Technology

Stills from virtual reality rendering of interactive Light Sculptures,
a collaboration of oil paintings as hieroglyphs and mapping concepts, with NOIRFLUX innovation technology
Interdimensional Travel and The Archtecture of Transition
Exhibited at Gallery B, 7700 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD

US4 ARTSHOW @ Gallery B  FEBRUARY 7 – MARCH 3, 2018

Additional liquid art stills:

Here are some initial videos of the liquid art and virtual reality:

Public Reception Date: Friday, February 9, 6-8pm

Gallery B 7700 Wisconsin Ave #E, Bethesda, MD 20814

phone: 301.215.7990 / 202.494.5743

Exhibition Dates: February 7 – March 3

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm-6pm


Responsive Art and VR statement

New technology allows greater possibilities for understanding time, space, matter, and light. I see the work of drawing and painting in oils to be the architecture in a technique of enhanced perceptual interactivity that enables new worlds of a point of view.

In collaboration with NOIRFLUX (, whose medium is interaction itself, realized through novel technology implementation responsive to human behavior and environmental sensing, my work in theater, film, technology, fine arts, and moral philosophy have a vehicle for articulating the new realms where science and the divine meet in the evolution of earthlings.

Responsive Painting (or Interactive Painting):

The Architecture of Transition – liquid imagery

An experience of interaction with light, color, form, through a journey of dimension, shape, nature, and oil mixing with water, air, earth, and space.

by Nora Maccoby and NOIRFLUX

Price for entire system: on request

Virtual Reality:

Interdimensional Travel – VR modeling for light sculpture installation

of The Architecture of Transition

The paintings become multi-dimensional light sculptures you can walk in and out of/interact.

by Nora Maccoby and NOIRFLUX

Price: on request