Animus Mundi/Venice Biennale 2017 – Palazzo Ca Zanardi, Venice, Italy

Exhibit at  ITS LIQUID Animus Mundi, Venice, Italy, in partnership with the 2017 Venice Art Biennale, at the Palazzo Ca’Zanardi:

Nora Maccoby is a multimedia artist working at the nexus of advanced science and esoteric technology, merging mystical ideas with modern science. In the ITS LIQUID ANIMUS MUNDI VISIONS art show at the Palazzo Ca’Zanardi in Venice, Italy, we find the Renaissance Time Traveler 1 and 2 (147x61cm). Voyagers returned to their realm, their faces are copies of Leonardo da Vinci drawings, their bodies are trans-human portals for interdimensional travel. She uses pigment and safflower oil as a paint overlay over numerical algorithms, Sanskrit prayers, Reiki signs and symbols, embedded throughout the work.

The Warrior is a contained magical character, balanced by a chained leash that is held by the black bird. The Lady reigns secure, a being of pure Anima Mundi interconnectedness, balanced in all forms of nature to transform or travel at her free will.

The Embrace, (41x41cm), establishes the launching of the travelers in an embrace of existence at a moving standstill.


The hieroglyphics of Time Map, The Activation, Space Womb and Within Sight of Change, (all 76×61) serve as interchangeable activation portals for space-time travel in mutable sequences.

In Metatron’s Cube (76x61cm) there is the landscape of the meta journey of self actualization, from beginning to end, in one image.