Identity Cartography – Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy

Artist Statement: “My work is focused on finding the point between form and formlessness, and the notion of light as an active intelligence within universal codes found in nature on Earth, and in space itself. As we find ourselves in chaotic cultural upheaval, my interest has been in re-casting Hesiod’s Catalogue of Women — also known as the Ehoiai (Ἠοῖαι, Ancient: [ɛːhó]) — into a new modality, a progressive paradigm where women support each other and find the rebalancing of justice through their own evolution as sentient beings to build common ground for a healthy, vibrant, prosperous world. The journey of the work is then a navigation of space/time, through new symbols. a cartography for power, based not on patriarchy or matriarchy, but a heterarchy; to power the center and dance with friends.”

An online catalogue is available for download at

Identity Cartography: Maps and Symbols for the Heterarchy

Available for download at